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  • What is a digital marketing-campaign?

    Marketing campaigns exist to drive consumer action. Digital marketing-campaigns are no different, except that they take place on the Internet. Usually, a digital marketing-campaign is designed to attract customers to interact with a brand's online content for a clear designated purpose, such as driving trade show traffic or a mobile loyalty program.

  • Why digital marketing?

    We are believers in the power of digital. No other marketing channel has the precision and targeting capability of the Internet. On top of that, digital marketing has the most powerful measuring tools out there. Results of all digital marketing can be easily tracked and analyzed, often in real time.

  • Is a digital campaign easy to launch?

    It depends on the campaign. Some online marketing efforts such as complex organic SEO or extensive, multiphase websites may take weeks or months to launch. In contrast, our gotchaApps™ can be fully deployed in less than 10 minutes.

  • Are digital marketing campaigns only for large companies?

    Absolutely not. Digital marketing is hands down the most affordable way to drive business, and for that reason many of our clients are small businesses. We have many cost-effective, and even free, options for small business, contact us for more information.

  • Do I need a presence on search engines and social media?

    Although we cannot answer for every business, 99 times out of a 100 the answer is yes. As people spend more time online, and increasingly use the Internet to make purchasing decisions, businesses need to have a web presence. Generally, your business will have an online presence whether you want it to or not, this is due to review sites and online business directories. We advise companies to take control of their online reputation, and use it to start growing their business.

  • Do I need a mobile website?

    If you have a website, you need a mobile presence. This can mean either having one website that is designed to display correctly on all devices (responsive design), or having a designated website specifically for mobile. Customers are turning to mobile to make purchasing decisions, and more and more web traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets.

  • What are the basics of digital marketing that I should be leveraging?

    The basics are a fully optimized website that is mobile friendly, and multiple ways to drive people to your site. Traffic drivers can be as simple as a QR code on a pizza box, or as complex as a large Adwords campaign.

  • What makes gotcha! so special?

    At gotcha!, we put our client's first. Many say this, but we back it up with facts. When we were dissatisfied with the capabilities of online marketing-dashboards, we made our own, rather than give our clients an inferior product. We also wanted to give our clients app functionality at the push of a button, but there were not any out-of-the-box web app marketing solutions at the time. We put our team to work and now offer our clients over 20 purpose-built web apps.

    Our company grows when we help you grow. That is our mission. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear more about how we can help.