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Have the next big idea?

We can help by designing and building a great native mobile app that will work on all devices from Android and iPhone to tablets and iPads. Below are a few examples of the over 150 native apps we have developed.

Color Rx

Color Rx

Color is the most powerful tool you have in your wardrobe! Wearing colors in harmony with your own natural coloring makes your skin glow, eye color pop, teeth look whiter and YOU'LL LOOK YOUNGER!!

Color Rx™, created by Los Angeles Image Stylist, JuliAnn Stitick, provides you with a quick and simple virtual color consultation based on your hair and eye color combination.

BONUS~ Save two Color Profiles... one for YOU and a second for a friend or loved one! Makes Mother/Daughter shopping trips more successful because Moms with Color Rx™ are cool :).

Color Rx™ is your fashion friend when shopping for prom dresses or color styling a wedding party.

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Fatal Frontier

Fatal Frontier

Space can be a dangerous place. Are you ready to traverse the Fatal Frontier?

Fatal Frontier takes place on a war-torn alien planet. Your task? Only to survive. But you'll need to gather resources, and make any friends you can make. This space-western RPG from Dakota Interactive is easy to learn and play, and will provide hours of entertainment for FREE.

As a ship-wrecked mercenary stranded in the middle of nowhere, you'll have to use alien technologies to fuse the power of your prisoners to make yourself stronger. Gain powerful allies such as Bandits, Mercenaries, Aliens, Cultists, Mutants, Military Organizations, even the local alien wildlife.

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Doot is a fun and personal way to share messages with friends. With Doot, users can leave messages anywhere in the world for their friends to discover when they are in or near the same place. Doot recently won the PitchSF 2011 People's Choice MVP award from among 90 startups (http://www.pitchevent.com).

Doot is all about capturing life's moments and discoveries, and sharing them with others at places where they are the most relevant and fun.

"Doot can be used in many different ways. You can leave a suggestion at a restaurant for your friend to discover later or drop a note for your special someone at their favorite coffee shop. You can also remind your spouse to put the clothes in the dryer or simply capture your experiences at a specific location and re-live them the next time you are there," says Doot Founder and CEO, Srujan Akula.

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ShoutOmatic is an audio "Voice" overlay allowing your actual Voice to be heard in all of your social networks, web sites and blogs. The same social Voice messages can be heard on anything "offline" as well.

This very powerful App allows you to record audible "Voice" status updates (Shouts) that will be automatically posted to your social networks.

  • Record Voice "Shouts" and snap Photos from within the App
  • Add your location to your "Shouts"
  • Listen to the "Shouts" of all of the people you "Follow" on your social networks.
  • Shout-Back (reply) to your Friends' "Shouts"
  • Share "Shouts" via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, web sites and blogs.
  • Direct-Shout to people who "Follow" you
  • Add a post-play destination URL for each Shout (after the Shout is heard, it opens URL you desire).
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O2 Fitness

Welcome to the O2 Fitness Android app. Here you can find information about all of our 10 locations, check our weekly class schedules and you can even send a FREE 7 day guest pass to a friend. Want more? Stay up to date with O2's Facebook and Twitter feed right here.

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QBOT is your one stop solution. There are hundreds of businesses on the app who are dying to reward you for being a loyal customer. Check out qbot.com to see QBOT cities near you to find great rewards.

When you are ready to get rewarded, simply go to one of the local businesses on the app, "love" them, and they will love you back! You will get access to their irresistible offer of 50-100% off food, services, or products. Keep in the know with that business's hottest deals and special events. As a "loved" customer, you will always have access to the biggest and best offers.

Businesses love loyal customers, and customers love being rewarded. We're here to bridge that gap. Now, every time you go to visit your favorite spots, you simply scan the QR code at the business and watch those points rack up for even more great offers! Get rewarded after only 1 or 2 visits or, save up your points to get an even bigger reward. You are the boss of your reward program.

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Kids Math Fun

A fun way for kids to learn numbers and build basic math skills. Kids will have fun while they learn.

What activities are included?

  • Learning numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • 3 Different Levels (easy, medium, hard)
  • Beautiful Animations which keeps kids entertained.

If you want your child to learn math – and enjoy it – you can't find a better choice than "MathsFun". Your child will learn to name, add, subtract and multiply numbers.

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Access Blvd

AccessBlvd is your one stop for your deals on demand and local events. Check out FREE deals in your city now! Deal categories include: Amusements, Attractions, Concerts, Golf Courses, Hotels, Play, Recreation, Restaurants, Sporting Events, Style and more. Brought to you by Pepsi Bottling Ventures, LLC and powered by Triangle Blvd.

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Traffic Law

Provides information about traffic laws in each state in the US. It also has a push to notify function that will notify you of the law for that state when you cross over the state line.

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To keep hands off your Android device, you need to download iSecurity, an alarm system with 3 different modes; Charger, Headset and pickup function AKA "motion".

Connect your charger or headset and activating the alarm. iSecurity alerts you with an intense alarm when ever your device is unplugged against your will, (when charging your device in public places i.e. airport, coffee shop, school or library)

Pick up mode; works simular to charger and headset mode (but without using either) its "motion" sensitive.

You select "pickup mode" placing your device down and hitting the activate button. If anyone picks up your mobile device, the alarm will sound, alerting the owner (you) that someone has activated the alarm (this mode also works great if you have it in your briefcase, purse, backpack or any other personal item) just activate the alarm, leave it in/with your personal items, if someone moves it, the alarm will be activated! Protecting your device and your personals!

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Antivirus for Android

ANTIVIRUS for Android - The ultimate FREE antivirus protection for your phone/tablet against viruses, malware and spyware! Regular virus updates allow you to scan for and detect the latest malicious security threats.

Features include:

  • Lightning quick scanning of apps
  • Protects against malware, spyware, trojans and viruses
  • Notifies you of harmful apps with option to remove them immediately
  • Online virus definition updates to ensure that you always have the latest version available
  • Extremely low battery usage
  • User-friendly and very simple to use
  • Compatible with all Android phones and tablets
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Hairdresser to the most beautiful people in the world.

New "Push Notification" feature added to receive awesome tips from Feliciano. Contact selection feature makes it simple to add contacts without having to type them in.

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LifeProtector is an application from LifeCard Plans that provides 3 potentially life saving benefits.

1. ICE Caller: Stores two "In Case of Emergency Contacts". Call ICE1 or ICE2 with a single click.

2. E-Alert: Sends an emergency message text to your chosen contacts. Your custom emergency message also contains your location provided by your phones GPS.

3. Access emergency information and chosen medical documents like Living Will, Power of Attorney for Health and Advance Medical Directives when you become a LifeCard Plan member. There are four plans to choose from which include your most important legal and medical documents.

First Responders can access the emergency information from the lock screen.

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Block Unwanted Callers

App allows user to block calls from phone numbers. Numbers can be added from contact list or manually. All the calls received from blocked numbers get blocked immediately. When calls are blocked, the user gets a notification.

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Mood View

Use the Mood Scanner app to scan your friends, family, co-workers or total strangers and find out what kind of mood they are in. The app uses the camera on your device and our proprietary random analysis tool to tell you a person's mood. This is the only app of its kind in the app store. Uses your device's camera.

How it Works

Mood Scanner is extremely easy to use: Open the app, point the camera at the person you want to scan and click the scan button. The app will then scan the person and give you the mood results.

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The Mobile Dipstick

The Mobile Dipstick is your mobile reminder for routine vehicle maintenance, exclusive service savings and an online portal to view your vehicle's service history. The Mobile Dipstick makes scheduling service appointments with your preferred dealership convenient and offers maintenance specials to make the cost of your service visit more competitive with aftermarket garages.

This app only works with participating dealership service departments. Ask your dealership if they're part of the Mobile Dipstick dealer network before downloading.

Say "Good Bye" to static window cling and paper service reminders and use the Mobile Dipstick.

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Nightlife Dubai

Nightlife Dubai is the ultimate guide to Dubai vibrant clubbing scene. Planning a night out has never been easier with Nightlife Dubai guiding you through the maze of events, clubs and DJ's every night every step of the way helping you make the right choice for your night out.

  • -Find the best Events, Clubs, Bars and Lounges.
  • -Rate your favorite clubs
  • -Find your friends and build your clubbing circle.
  • -The best deals and offers for all the best clubs

The city's night life right in the palm of your hand

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Triangle Fashion Week

Triangle Fashion Week (#TFW) is the annual fashion event highlighting boutiques, salons and spas in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, and provides a platform for fashionistas to connect with local fashion boutiques, designers, spas, and the salons of our region.

During TFW Boutiques, Spas and Salons are working together to offer Fashion Shows, discounts, late night sessions, education sessions, and much more throughout the entire Triangle! With this app you can browse participating venues, check out nearby events, upload TFW photos, scan QR codes and check out the latest TFW videos!

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Xmas Tiles

A very special puzzle game for the Christmas Season.

Get your hands on a tile puzzle with inbuilt Christmas photos. You can also capture a photo or select from library to set on the puzzle board.

Game Modes:

  • --- 3 X 3 - Easy
  • --- 4 X 4 - Medium
  • --- 5 X 5 - Expert
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Golf Course Guide 2012

The Golf Course Guide is the definitive reference book for Australia's golf courses available to green fee players. Now with the iPhone App to compliment The Golf Course Guide book, golfers can search for significant savings on green fees, and additional savings for Stay and Play packages at many of Australia's top golf resorts.

The Top 100 Public Access Course rankings are provided for easy reference, and users can also view course rankings based on Design, Conditions and Aesthetics and, where appropriate, ranking regarding On Course Accommodation, Dining and Other Facilities.

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Vail Valley Magazine

Vail Valley Magazine...the pulse of the Vail Valley. Visit Vail Valley Magazine for more on World Class skiing & snowboarding, golf, white water rafting, shopping, dining, real estate, activities, family fun & outdoor lifestyle as well as the top performers, concerts. festivals and special events all in one powerful Magazine App.

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iDogEvents is the Crowd sourcing app for live dog event content. iDogEvents crowd sources dog events everywhere, all the time. From dog shows to veterinarians, dog parks to pet shops, if dogs are there, there is a place to post it in iDogEvents and let the world know.

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Daytona Beach Regional
Chamber of Commerce

The Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce is now offering a searchable full member directory. You can now take your Chamber Membership with you on the go! Find other members and get found too!

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Moneywyn Personal Finance

Tired of tracking every expense each and every day? Moneywyn can help!

Moneywyn is unlike most other personal finance software. It will help you save time and money while focusing less on daily expense tracking and more on budget planning. Using three spending categories that are based on the 50/30/20 budget rule, you will find out where you stand financially and start taking appropriate action toward building wealth.

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Great Commission

The world's population is now 7,000,000,000! Every one of those 7 billion people will spend eternity somewhere, including you and me.

This must-have app is to equip and train Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ by providing user-friendly and non-confrontation evangelistic tools to lead one to having a personal relationship with God.

Great Commission leverages social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Email to share the good news with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers. Moreover, the app helps them to find a local church for worship, discipleship, and fellowship.

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