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Create your Free QR code here

This QR code generator directs users to a landing page where they continue onto your destination site. If you are interested in viewing the analytics on your QR Code we will provide you with free access to our CMD™. Click here

Create, download, manage, edit and view analytics on all your QR campaigns.

How it Works

    • Share your Tag2Site™ code

      Share your Tag2site™ code on any tangible product or digital location that your target audience will be able to see and scan it.

    • User will scan your QR code

      Your interested audience will scan the code and is immediately brought to your designated website or webpage.

    • Collect your data

      Through this process, user data is collected, which you can download in Excel format by visiting the Campaign Management section.

What is Tag2site™?

At first glance our Tag2site™ is no different than your average QR code, that is until you discover that it comes with access to our award-winning state-of-the-art QR code management tool. Tag2Site™ allows users to visit your website with the scan of a code. The backbone of QR technology, Tag2Site™ has been changing the marketing world for years.

  • Easy to set up - Our Tag2Site™ app can be set up in less than 2 minutes!
  • Tracking - You can manage, and download all captured data, in addition to viewing real-time analytics on all your Tag2sites™.
  • It's Free - Our Campaign Management Dashboard, is free and ready for you to use.
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    • QR Code Management Tool

      Create and manage all the QR codes you want free of charge. Our management tool makes using QR codes as a traffic driver completely painless.

    • Real-Time Analytics

      Get all data as it happens, in real time. Our dashboard generates analysis of your campaigns in an attractive, easy-to-understand format. Effortlessly manage data-driven marketing-campaigns making instant adjustments as needed.

    • Works on Any Device

      Our mobile-friendly, browser-based technology allows you to see your dashboard on any device, anywhere you want. Perfect for travel, trade-shows, live events, and more!

    • Increase Site Traffic

      With access to our SEO tools and intelligent data-management analytics, building site traffic is much easier. We provide the tools and data you need to build a powerful web-presence.

    • URL Redirection

      Managed QR codes use URL redirection that provides you with a wealth of information and options. Easily change where QR codes drive your visitors, and collect the data on who, when, and where your codes are being scanned.

    • A/B Testing

      Our marketing dashboard allows you to run closely managed, and thus improved campaigns, whilst measuring the results. With gotcha! you can continually optimize your campaigns, maximizing on potential results.